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Save Gas - Help the Environment and Save Money with Green Fuel Solutions and Eco-Tek-1!
Eco-Tek-1 is the only true "Green" fuel additive on the market.

1-oz. Treats 20-gallons of fuel . . . twice the fuel to that of the competition! .
Any fuel from gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, even open flame fuels like kerosene.

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Save some money, some gas, and the environment!

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Some Advantages of using EcoTek-1 in your vehicle

• Improves fuel efficiency 15% or more • Reduces carbon emissions 30 % or more

• Reduces engine operation temperature • Reduces maintenance costs

• Extends equipment wear life • Is safe for the environment

EcoTek-1 is registered with the environmental protection agency

EcoTek-1 does not void engine manufacturers warranties by compliance with the Federal Magnunson-Moss Act

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