Tennessee Veterans Cemetery
Knoxville Tennessee

Picture of stark white tombstones and red, white and blue flags placed for the Memorial Day Holiday at the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery in Knoxville, TN
Picture submitted and copyrighted by J. Wilson.
Red White & Blue Tribute - Taken during Memorial Day Weekend in 2009, this picture shows only a small portion of the gravestones of over 4,000 burials placed here on the sacred grounds of the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery.

Please follow our photo tour and slideshow tribute to these hallowed grounds. No picture is adequate to describe the serene beauty you will find here, so after your on-line tour, be sure to schedule some time and visit it in person. Similar to the National Veterans Cemetery in Arlington, VA. you'll find the facility, a rotunda and the main office at 5901 Lyons View Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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